Get Paid Per Tweet

paid per Tweet

Paid Per Tweet-home-based jobs online that will help you to make money on Twitter. All of the sites are very simple. Here are the first jobs that will give you the payment for each tweet. Anyone can do these jobs no matter their age, gender, or the place they are living.

Twitter users can make money if they share online content with their followers. The more followers you have, the more income you will get.

These work online jobs pay on a Cost per Tweet (CPT) or simple Cost per Click (CPC). CPT gives rewards when you share a sponsored content within your Twitter stream. For CPC you will earn when someone clicks on your shared links.

PaidPerTweet – allows you to monetize your social media accounts. Get paid to create buzz for companies. You can set your price to Tweet website links and also help companies gain exposure.

Twitpub– Make money with you paid per Tweet, get rewarded with 80% payout. Create quality content on Twitter, you will earn for subscriptions. You also can choose the price per subscription. These micro jobs make payment by PayPal or Check.

Share your link on Twitter and for every click, you will earn income.

Viral9 – is a social media traffic exchange site. Click on sign up and fill the simple details. You will receive a promotional link which then you will share on social media. Your Earning depends on the more and quality traffic and clicks.

Hisharethat – is one from work online sites where you promote own links to your followers. Start a campaign, promote your link on social media and get coins(100 coins=$1). Also, you will get paid for every valid click. Cashout via Paypal.

Another method to earn with your Twitter account is driving traffic to your blog, website or affiliate promotion link. This is not a direct way to work online but, indirect you will get big benefits.

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