Paid To Promote

paid to promote

  You can easily use a home-based affiliate program and make money with it. It is very possible to promote what someone else has to offer through various types of affiliate programs. These are often promotions for various affiliates as they place materials in as many locations as possible in order to generate income.

Why do sites agree to host these advertisements for others? It is because they are able to generate money each time someone clicks on those links. That money helps them to pay for their own web hosting services and it can be very profitable as well depending on how much they earn per click and how the flow of traffic is.
The amount of money you will earn per click depends on the particular affiliate program you are working with.
You want to market affiliate programs that offer you a decent commission.

Members are usually paid per 1000 unique visits (CPM). Most paid to promote websites pay according to the country using a tiered structure. After joining you can choose to promote your link in sites from the traffic section or other sites.

CashnHitz -Send your visits to this new paid-to-promote link! Strict PTP from approved PTC and Traffic exchange sites only!PTC site visits only need to last 5 seconds. Up to 50c CPM!

Adzbux -You can send any and all visits to your paid to promote the link. 3 Types of PTP Automatically sorted to award you the most it can. A fully intelligent and quick ptp system that pays up to 50c CPM

Rotate4all– Drive traffic to your paid to promote the link and earn for every click! This site accepts all types of traffic, except for auto-surf traffic. Earning rate of $0.24/1000 visits. $5 min payments. Additionally, surf ads and earn money!

Traffic2Bitcoin – is a simple bitcoin ptp site, earn bitcoin from your website, earn bitcoin by promoting your ptp link. Earn 10% Ref commission.

Adz2you – is a traffic rotator, you can promote your site or earn money by promoting your paid to promote the link. 

ViralTe Coop – you will get a unique rotator link. Add Your Unique Rotator to any of the Traffic Exchanges listed in this site and you will start to earn credit or cash at Viral Te Coop.

You can be part of several sites as you can. However, connexion to several sites would be too tough to handle and long.

Clicking or doing micro tasks in these sites wouldn’t take abundant time. However, you have to spend some time promoting yourself that is the real key to success in these sites.

On the internet are more same online job sites and I will try to update this article.

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