lopperLoppers are a greater type of manual garden cutting tool. They are a type of scissors used for cutting twigs and small branches. They are usually operated with two hands and have handles. Some have telescopic handles which can be extended to a length of 2m.
The loppers are divided into between bypass and anvil types. Bypass loppers operate like scissors, except that they generally only have one blade that moves past a jaw or hook. Anvil loppers have a single sharpened blade, with a straight or sometimes curved edge.


Anvil loppers have the disadvantage of tending to crush rather than cut. Their main advantages are of relative strength and of being less likely to jam with fibrous material.

Bypass lopper can sometimes be deflected by very hard or resilient branches so, that material bind between blades.

Both types of lopper generally have a sprung adjusting screw. This can be used to tighten the blades as they loosen in use.

With bypass loppers, it is also useful for releasing material jamming the blades.
Anvil loppers usually have a screw for adjusting or detaching the plate. Using this screw, it can be moved to compensate for wear or replaced entirely.



















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