Earthwise Tiller/Cultivator TC70016 Electric

Earthwise tiller

This Earthwise machine is an excellent way to get your garden going strong by getting your yd ready for the healthy growth you want. Ideal for preparing your garden & flower beds, loosening soil & bed cleanup at the end of the season, this electric tiller & cultivator is designed to make your gardening experience hassle-free & enjoyable. Let the Earthwise TC70016 tiller & cultivator take care of the hard work for you.


It’s a corded electric tiller/cultivator with
6 adjustable tines
Power 13.5 amp
Lightweight, easy to operate, and convenient to store.Tine length:16 inch

Earthwise Tiller

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The Earthwise 13.5-amp electric tiller cultivator has a convenient cutting width of 11″-16″, with a helpful tilling depth of 8″. This tool will prepare your soil precisely how you want it for planting. This tiller is an excellent way to get your garden going strong by getting your yard ready for the healthy growth you want. Simply push the start button and squeeze the lever to get started and once the lever is let go the tiller will power off.

Tiller Renewed Version

Product works and looks like new. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

Earthwise tiller

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It’s a very strong tool that quickly turns up the dirt and does a good job of it.

Earthwise is easy to put together, just attach the wheels and handle. It is light and will jump around but it is easy to control and keep on a straight track. It’s so small and light weight you can easily get into gardens and small garden beds.

Earthwise products are the first choice in lawn care: innovative, more powerful, quieter, & cleaner than ever before. Earthwise – best value by far. Lots of power, fast tine speed, and the wheels get out of the way so you can dig deep.

Greenworks Tiller Pro Electric 10-Inch 80V

Greenworks Tiller

Greenworks Pro 80V 10-Inch Tiller / Cultivator Features A Powerful Brushless Motor, 10-Inch Tilling Width, 5-Inch Tilling Depth, Four Forward Rotating Tines, Bumper Guard, And Cushioned Over mold

It’s electric, but It’s comparable to the gas ones by its power. The best part about battery-operated tools is that they are extremely low-maintenance with few problems.

For this tiller takes a few minutes to reload the battery. So you never will be running out of battery.

This cultivator-tiller has no trouble chopping up the cracked, rocky soil in the medium-sized garden. Because of lightweight is perfect for the small areas around the yard. Greenworks Pro is useful to break up the hard soil for planting flowers and bushes.

It’s a cordless tiller with lightweight! Even a woman can use this tiller. 

Greenworks Tiller

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Amazing tiller, easy to assemble, lightweight, easy to maneuver at a good price.


Tiller Renewed Version

GreenWorks 80V 10″ Power Tiller/Cultivator, Battery Not Included TL80L00 (Renewed)

Greenworks tiller

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Amazon Renewed is your trusted destination for pre-owned and refurbished products that are inspected and tested to work and look like new. A Renewed supplier who is Amazon-qualified and performance managed, performs a full diagnostic test, replaces any defective parts, and thoroughly cleans the product.

Sun Joe TJ603E 16Inch Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Sun Joe Tiller/Cultivator

This is a very powerful electric corded tiller and cultivator combination.

A powerful 12-amp motor quickly pulverizes dirt, effortlessly slicing through the soil at 340 RPM, ensuring maximum aeration and perfectly preparing the seedbed for planting. Cultivate an area 16-inches(40.6cm) wide and up to 8-inches(20.3cm) deep. Control weeds if needed. 3-position, height-adjustable rear wheels make it easy to maneuver wherever it’s needed.

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Sun Joe specialize in developing innovative outdoor tools to keep your home looking beautiful throughout the year, whether the snow is falling or the Sun is shining.

Electrical tillers are typically light-weight and easier to use than gas ones, and need less maintenance. The best part about this now is there is no storage prep like there would be on a combustion engine and this will fire right up when you need it next.

Sun Joe Tiller is easy to start, easy to use, light enough to carry or move around. Has 6 Steel angled tines for maximum durability and performance, 13. 5-Amp  motor power engine.

If you have areas with roots and rocks you know how difficult it is to dig with a shovel. This tiller shreds through them and then it is much easier to shovel through.


After using, you need to hose down the blades (no water on housing).

This allows max depth of digging, however, if you need to move tiller to another spot, you will have to carry it or drag tines on the ground and damage them.

You MUST remove weeds, roots, and grass from the tiller blade area frequently (after unplugging it of course) or it gets filled up with twisted debris around the driveshaft and I assume it could overheat.

No problems with this little effort.

You will break new ground for a garden with it and will chew through gravel with ease.

Craftsman Tiller 14 Inch Gas Rear Rotating

Craftsman Tiller

The Rear Tines allow you to dig deeper into the soil and break new ground more easily, while the tine shield increases your protection from both the tines and flying debris.

Best suited for larger planting areas, pneumatic tires offer excellent maneuverability and traction while its Loop and Bail handle keep you in comfortable control. Powered by a 208cc engine with a recoil start and chain drive.

Convenient, single-hand operation of this soil tiller allows users to stand and steer from either side, while the self-propelled drive system offers enhanced control.

Tiller is capable of tilling 14-inches wide in one single pass. Dig into tough soil up to 6 inches deep.

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You have going to use Rear-Tine tiller if you need more power to break up very hard or rocky soil over a larger ground. Rear tines are perfect for large planting areas, cultivating, weeding, and working in compost or vegetation for the end of the season.

Craftsman tiller is easy to assemble right out of the box, added gas, and oil, pulled the rope starter and it kicked off first pull. Just make sure to know which levers are for turning on the gas, the choke, and the throttle, and the on/off switch. Motor runs very quietly, too. 

If you want to tear through hard ground and start a new lawn – you need a rear tine tiller.

Craftsman CMXGVAM 14-Inch Gas Powered Rear Tine Tiller is ideal!!

Earthquake Tiller 20015 Gas Front Tine

Earthquake Tiller

This Earthquake front-tine tiller and is perfect for an area with soft soil.
This front tine Tiller is two garden tools in one! As a tiller, the high-performance 99cc Viper engine & design delivers the right amount of power to turn all kinds of soil. As a cultivator, it can cut Weed, mulch and aerate the soil. It is an all season garden machinery. Prepare wide open spaces of land in the spring, maintain rows in the summer & do major cleanup in the fall.
Tool-less removal of outer tines and shields quickly turns Versa from a tiller into a cultivator

This Earthquake front-tine tiller and is perfect for an area with soft soil.

Lowest center of gravity available in any front tine tiller for ground-hugging stability

Earthquake tiller

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This front tine Tiller is two garden tools in one! As a tiller, the high-performance 99cc Viper engine & design delivers the right amount of power to turn all kinds of soil. As a cultivator, it can cut Weed, mulch and aerate the soil.

Earthquake front tine tiller can be used in different ways: heavy tilling and plowing with the use of third plow lever in the back or for light tilling with only front rotors. This is a nice light to medium tiller/cultivator. You can use it to break hardened ground the first time but with great attention.