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Energy Resources, Conventional Energy

energy resources

energy resources

Energy may be named as capability or capacity to do work. Energy exist freely in nature, a number of them are infinitely to be had referred to as alternative energy, and a few are called to as non-renewable. It is our responsability to make certain the right use the renewable energy or non-renewable energy.

Non-renewable energy is limited resources that will eventually run out over the time frame. Non-renewable energy is one that does not renew itself at a sufficient rate for sustainable economic extraction in meaningful human time-frame.

Classification of energy sources

There are many energy sources to obtain energy. All of these resources can be classified as conventional and unconventional energy sources.

Non-renewable energy source: Conventional energy sources are natural energy resources that are available in limited quantities and used for a long time. They are called non-renewable sources because once they are depleted, they can no longer be produced at a rate that can sustain the rate of consumption. They form from fossil matter over hundreds of millions of years.

These resources are largely depleted due to their continued exploitation. It is assumed that the oil reserves in our country will be exhausted in a few decades, and the coal reserves will last for another hundred years.
Some common examples of conventional resources includes coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity.

Disadvantages of non-renewable energy sources:

Fossil fuels took millions of years to form in the earth’s crust and can never be replaced once they have been used.
When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The greenhouse effect and global warming are our overuse and burning of fossil fuels.
Coal and gas also release sulfur dioxide when burned. Sulfur oxide can cause respiratory problems in living things and is also a major component of acid rain.

The fuel for the nuclear power plant is relatively cheap, but the construction of the power plant itself is expensive.

Non-renewable energy cannot be replenished when it runs out. The by-products of non-renewable energy are harmful to the environment. In addition, greenhouse gases are increasing.

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