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Introduction to Solar Energy Technology Systems

solar homes technology

solar energy technology systems

There are several systems of solar energy techology to generate the needed electricity. Some could be solar homes, solar businisess, solar factories, solar transportation

Solar Homes
Homes can be built to efficiently harness the power of the sun, from passive design to PV panels. With solar energy, there is the potential of “zero net energy homes”. A zero-net energy “produces as much energy as [it] consumes”.

Current homes can be modified to use solar power as well, with an estimate of 35-40% of homes having the potential for PV panels and 50% of homes being suitable for solar heat collectors.

Solar Businesses


Like residential homes, commercial buildings also have the opportunity to make use of solar power. It is estimated that about 60-65 percent of commercial roof space is suitable for photovoltaics.

Some businesses have already taken advantage of the sun’s natural resource.

Solar Factories

The creation of process heat requires more energy than any other activity in the manufacturing sector  Process heating refers to using heat to complete a process, such as cooking food or melting plastic.
Some of these processes require heat that is too high to be “economically” achieved by solar heat, but any process that occurs at less than 250 degrees Celsius would be well-suited to solar heat Worldwide, there are approximately 90 solar process heat systems in operation. 
Solar panels on farms could be used to: generate the electricity needed to operate a farm, keep crops cool, pump water, provide irrigation, heat greenhouses, ventilate barns, or even dry crops.

Solar technology in Transportation

There is a high dependence on petroleum, which has severe environmental, economic, and national security implications. Shifting the people focus off of petroleum and onto electricity would allow for more opportunities to use renewable energy, such as solar.

It is believed that the land used by World’s transportation system could be used to harness the sun’s energy.

Although electric vehicles may currently still be powered by the conventional grid, most cars simply sit still in a parking lot all day, making them an excellent candidate for solar energy in the form of solar charging stations.

Solar Community Technologies

Solar power can be used anyplace where there is sunshine, so this included offices, schools, churches, and so on. Solar could be used to power district heating systems, district energy systems, and so on.

Good candidates for solar energy include schools, churches, libraries, and museums, all of which frequently have large, flat roofs.
Many of these buildings use most of their energy for lighting or heating, both of which are easily provided by solar. Furthermore, most of these types of buildings will remain occupied by the same owners or activities for decades, making solar a smart investment down the line.

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