Range-Anxiety Solution For Electric Cars

Electric vehicle range anxiety is the fear or concern that an electric vehicle’s battery will run out of charge before reaching its destination or the nearest charging station.

We discuss here the best solutions the business cars and ways to eliminate the range-anxiety. As a business opportunity, electric cars have not the same preferences for all.
On the other hand, “range-anxiety” stops the growth of all-electric vehicles. In fact, the anxiety-range is the fear that a vehicle has insufficient range to reach its destination. We will post the solutions to reduce this phenomenon.

Electric Cars Solutions

We know not all cars as business opportunities fit for all. Solutions are dependent on the sizes of cars (small or big cars) if the cars are used for city or out of town, highway, or 24/7. The electric cars have in common the propulsion that is an electric motor. This thing is very useful because it replaces the fuel tank used by the fuel engine. Also, batteries or hydrogen tanks are options for the storage of energy, like a fuel tank.

The simplest solution is the battery-electric system. The driving distance is limited by the battery size, so the trend is to use larger batteries. When the battery has died, it needs to be recharged. The charging is quite a long time. Larger batteries with high power and fast charging are ideal but are also heavy and expensive. The efficiency is high, the driving cost is low and there are no emissions. However, still exists the “range-anxiety”.

Solution For Range-Anxiety

Several of the best solution to reduce the range-anxiety is to develop a charging infrastructure or the development of higher battery capacity at a cost-effective price. However, the basic solution for “range-anxiety” is a Range Extender or an On-Board Generator.


One solution for range anxiety is to choose an electric vehicle with a longer range, or to plan trips carefully to ensure that there are charging stations along the way. Another solution is to use a range extender, such as a backup generator or a second battery, to increase the vehicle’s range. Additionally, public charging infrastructure is rapidly expanding, providing more opportunities to charge on the go.

A combustion engine can be used as a generator. The result-a hybrid vehicle. It eliminates the range-anxiety because the gasoline engine serves as a back up to recharge the battery to provide electric power to the electric motor or provide propulsion directly.

hybryd electric car range anxiety


The combination of a fuel cell and battery electric propulsion is also an option. Here, a fuel tank will make electricity from hydrogen to prevent the battery from unloading. The costs are still high, efficiency is less than batteries, but the only emission is water vapor. Fuel cell electric vehicles are a solution when driving the whole day or large distances.

These are the major electric business car solutions today, and probably there will be even more in the future.

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