Electric Vehicles And The Energy Transition


Smart electric mobility of vehicles is part of the energy transition and depends on renewable energy. Transfer of energy steadily increasing the demand for workers in every area of the auto industry.

The economic triangle forms renewable energy, connected logistics, and smart e-mobility in a triangle. Those factors get reliable solutions that combine ecology and economy.



Protect Health And Wealth

Health and wealth depend largely on clean energy. The oil for transportation is not coming directly from the earth like immemorially times. To get energy need to inject inside hot water or gases. The Energy Return on Invested (EROI) Ratio, has dropped significantly.

For new developments, the ratio is dropping by up to 50%. This means that it costs half a unit to produce one unit of oil. In so conditions, it is the explorations profitable? The answer is so simple, no.

This makes energy too expensive to keep wealth. Plus, it troubles our health because it is not a green energy solution.
For shale oil, it is even worse because the cost is high and the return of investments is low.

EROI level relates to a high standard of living. When energy production is low the energy becomes expensive. Whether EROI decline below a certain threshold results in rapid increases in the fraction of energy. That must be dedicated to simply supporting the energy system.
Luckily, there are solar and modern wind energy. If we move to renewables solar, wind and, water-based energy, we could still protect the wealth and at the same time our health.

The Transition of Electic Vehicles To Renewable Energy

Looking at one energy transition plan and referring to CO2 emissions for various transportations models. One-third of the emissions are from shipping, one third from trucks and, the last third to cars. The car businesses give tax credits for changing over their sources of fuel energy to certain renewable energies.

CO2 is not the only tailpipe emissions but in general, for local zero-emission traffic are electric vehicles. To realize transition we need electric or fuel cell electric vehicles, trucks, and buses. All is changing from research and development to manufacturing to distribution to installation, service, and support. Renewable electricity can be collected from the sun, wind, or water and used directly without storage. Also, it can be collected in solar or wind farms.


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