Introduction to Solar Energy Technology Systems

solar homes technology

solar energy technology systems There are several systems of solar energy techology to generate the needed electricity. Some could be solar homes, solar businisess, solar factories, solar transportation Solar Homes   Homes can be built to efficiently harness the power of the sun, from passive design to PV panels. With solar energy, there is the … Read more

Solar Photovoltaic System Explanation

photovoltaic system

photovoltaic system Photovoltaics (PV) is the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic effect is commercially utilized for electricity generation. How Do Solar Panels Make Electricity? STEP 1: SUNLIGHT ACTIVATES THE PANELS. STEP 2: THE CELLS PRODUCE ELECTRICAL CURRENT. STEP 3: THE ELECTRICAL ENERGY IS CONVERTED. STEP … Read more

Solar Energy Basic Information

Solar energy is the energy obtained by captured heat and light from the sun. Energy from the sun is referred to a as solar energy. Technology has provided a number of ways to utilize this abundant resource. It is considered a green technology because it does not emit greenhouse gases. Solar energy is abundantly available … Read more

Alternative Energy Sources Presentation

alternative energy sources

alternative energy sources Alternative energy is a term used to refer to forms of energy that are naturally obtained from the environment and from sources that be replenished naturally. These include solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydropower and biomass. Sources of Renewable Energy: There five(5) major sources of alternative energy -solar energy -wind energy … Read more

Advantages Of Electric Cars

  Electric cars have numerous advantages over conventional fossil fuel vehicles. Look at the main advantages: Great Electric Cars Advantage Sustainability The main reason to move to electric vehicles is that they have not tailpipe emissions. Electric cars reduce the pollutions caused to carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxides, particles. So, they really improve people’s … Read more

Electric Vehicles And The Energy Transition

  Smart electric mobility of vehicles is part of the energy transition and depends on renewable energy. Transfer of energy steadily increasing the demand for workers in every area of the auto industry. The economic triangle forms renewable energy, connected logistics, and smart e-mobility in a triangle. Those factors get reliable solutions that combine ecology … Read more

Using Lawn Mower To Mow Properly

using lawn mower How to Properly Mow the Lawn Mowing one’s lawn has somewhat become an art of sorts. While others may prefer to simply mow their way along the grass and disrespect what happens, properly mowing the lawn is vital especially keep the grass and therefore the ground healthy. Want some recommendations on the … Read more