Soaker Hose Irrigation System & Parts

soaker hose


If you have a garden, soaker hoses are a great, efficient solution to irrigate plants without wasting water.

The hose permits water to slowly run out through small pores on the complete length of the rubber hose at a flow rate at the ground. The plants will absorb providing the right wet content. The water goes right to the basis zone with very low pressure. A soaker hose is build to work at low water pressure. Choosing the right pore size is important. You want to have a product that can keep the soil moist enough.

Hoses with enlarged holes may produce too much water.
Generally, soaker hoses should produce thick beads of water.

So, if turn the water faucet on too high, over time, water becomes shooting streams.

For this reason, soaker hoses must have an internal plastic regulator.

On the other hand, porous soaker hose watering irrigation is created to permit water to run or to leak water right along the length of the hose. You can wrap the hose twice around plants that need more water.

This simple system works best in vegetable garden beds.
For soaker hoses to perform optimally they would have the most length of 100 feet. Use a garden hose to attach the hose to the tap.


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