Advantages Of Electric Cars


Electric cars have numerous advantages over conventional fossil fuel vehicles. Look at the main advantages:

Great Electric Cars Advantage


The main reason to move to electric vehicles is that they have not tailpipe emissions. Electric cars reduce the pollutions caused to carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxides, particles.
So, they really improve people’s lives and air quality in the atmosphere.
Also, when electric cars use renewable energy sources such as wind turbines or photovoltaic panels for charging, then the gas emission is zero.
Electric vehicles are an important role in renewable energy. Are many possibilities to renew the energy but few methods to stock them.
Electric vehicles look like a battery on wheels, they can be used to stock energy by charging cars with solar energy in the day and wind in the night.


It’s a term called Well-to Wheel efficiency that is an evaluation for vehicles and transport fuels. This assessment looks at energy losses from the source of fuel to the wheel of cars. You can see Well-to Wheel efficiency-related of each stage for both Electric and ICE Vehicles. The efficiency of the drivetrain for EVs is 85% that is much more than 25% of the ICE vehicles-see Types of Electric Cars.

electric car advantages
The diagram in figure 2 shows the greenhouse gas emissions vs total Well-to Wheel energy usage. The gasoline and diesel are on the right upper corner that indicates high emissions as well as high energy usage. On the opposite electric vehicles charged by wind and solar are located in the left hand lower corner. This means low Well-to Wheel emissions and energy demand. Conclusion: Electric vehicles have lower Well-to-Wheel emission than ICE. Even in bad cases, Powered EVs are better than ICE.


Electric cars have not gearbox and are much easier to drive than conventional cars. You have not problems with fuel and the drivetrain makes EVs more silent than ICE, especially at low speeds.
Are possibilities to charge the car at home in the same way as on phone. This provides the convenience of not have to go to the fuel stations.
Electric vehicles have few numbers of components and a simple drivetrain. Only mechanical parts such as bearing and brakes must be maintained.
EVs have a large space and in the future are expected to have completed self-driving capabilities.


Even if is more expensive than a conventional car, the electric car covers that through the car’s lifetime. Electric cars have a lower total cost due to lower maintenance, lower taxes. cheaper fuel.

In conclusion, electric cars have benefits in efficiency due to battery, motor, and power electronic technology.
It is clear electric vehicle is environmentally friendly. It consumes much less energy than the ICE energy car. There is no so much maintenance, and therefore, it could contribute to the energy transition by the storage of renewable energy.

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