Electric Cars Policy And Incentives

Here, in this session, we discuss the public policy of electric cars and the incentives with which they could be promoted. In other words, it is about the role of the government in this case. All governments want to accelerate the technology of development and the adoption of electric vehicles.

Public Policy Of Electic Cars

Electric Cars Policy

Electric cars technology seems to be viable and it works. If the business is great and the technology is available then why the government has a policy about electric cars? The electric car’s public policy is necessary and useful at the same time.

 Annual global light-duty vehicle sales

electric cars incentives


Are more types of electricity and each at different prices. The most economic strategy is for economical users to shift demand times when cheap electricity is abundantly available. The industry can still increase its demand flexibility by industrial heating operations.

Electric cars are an immense potential for flexible energy in the future. The government policy is organizing electricity production with flexible demand for cars. So, switching to electric cars will have consequences for the economic structure, in addition to eliminate emissions.

The government has to ensure that electricity and transport services are available and at a cheap price for people and environmentally friendly.

Electricity and transport infrastructure are critical infrastructures for each country. However, because are so critical and are for everyone, any change will meet resistance from actors with some interests.

The government has more reasons to intervene in transport and traffic. This is because of air pollution. Also, the government must ensure that the electricity system, will continue to be reliable and affordable for every citizen.

Electric Cars Incentives

Being a new technology, electric cars do not get in the market without a little help. Even if it is a promising business, it will have to fight for a position for old and consecrate systems, that have developed over time energy empires.

Incentives need to move new customers towards the new technology. Also, it is a necessary intervention over the standards. The technical standards for vehicle components and operational standards, such as charing protocol need to be used.

Interventions are made in new jobs. Worldwide, approximately 80% of all crude oil is moved into fuels for transport on internal combustion vehicles. So, if the transport sector switches to electric, it will certainly result in a lot of job losses.

Worldwide governments have many challenges in front of, and they play a key role in the transition to the mobility of renewable energy. In the case of mobility, the governments have a public policy of electric cars incentives which to prevent air pollution.  At the same time ensuring new jobs are replaced with the one lost in the fossil fuel industry.

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